Markus Schulz Interview..


OMG! First of all I have to say what an honour it is to be interviewing the "Dark Lord" himself – Mr. Markus Schulz! I'm Cademan on behalf of DOS and I'd like to take a walk on the dark side with you today ;)


DOS: The sound you are pushing nowadays is some of the most awesome tunes you have ever dished out! What do we attribute this to?


Markus: Thanks man – very nice of you to say so! I think my sound is very two-toned though. Under Dakota I’m doing the 126-132bpm gear, with housey, techy, progressive influences and under my own name it’s anything from beatless or breakbeat chill to vocal and big room trance. In terms of attributing it, I’m not quite sure. I know I’ve never, ever suffered from production fatigue, as I know other producers sometimes do. All you have to do is put me in my studio or even my ‘hotel’ set-up studio and I’ll quickly lose complete track of time!


DOS: We would also certainly lose track of time if we were with you in the studio!

Tell us about your ASOT500 experience. What was it like to be a part of such a colossal event?


Markus: It was really very cool indeed. I thought the set-up they had at both was great, but the one in Holland was exceptionally cool. Great production and not much in the way of the usual visual and sometimes unnecessary visual embellishments - very DJ, music and sound quality-driven – I loved it!


DOS: How do you deal with the constant female attention (not that it’s a bad thing ;)?


Markus: I think I deal with it really well! It can get a little crazy at times, but you know what, time and experience teaches you a lot in how to deal with these things!


DOS: We hear you ;)

You've played at most superclubs all over the world. Which would you have to say is your favourite and why?


Markus: No favourites. It’s sort of a rule of mine. I’ve found in the past that if you come with anything other than a long-considered answer to ‘favourite’ questions you can fall foul of yourself. You can look back and think ‘now why did I say that then when I’ve been to so many other incredible places? Was that really fair? The answer more often than not is ‘no’! You can have ones which have a much longer lasting impression, for any number of reasons. But an out-and-out favourite, that’s a no-no!


DOS: Makes sense ;)

You were on a “Being Markus Schulz” Panel during WMC week in Miami which gave fans an outlet to find out a little bit more about the make-up of a DJ’s life. Tell us something we don't know about Markus Schulz :)


Markus: Ah, now that’s tough, because I don’t know what you know and what you don’t!


DOS: Haha! Ok Fair enough :D

The new Dakota album "Thoughts Become Things 2" is looking good for a release early this July. I saw an interview you did recently where you say that "the Dakota sound is more deeper, darker and made for the clubs". Tell us more about the album and this sound!


Markus: Well the album is finished... just! I passed the masters over to my label a fortnight ago and it’s scheduled for release on the 1st of July. It’s called ‘Thoughts Become Things II’ and I see it as just that – a direct continuation of where the first album left off. It’s got quite a range on there. There’s a track called ‘Terrace 5AM’ which kinda recalibrates the bassline from Moroder’s ‘I Feel Love’ – really discofied and pumped up. Then there’s techy bits on there too like ‘Red Star’ and ‘Where It Went Wrong’ as well as some tough, clubby lower tempo trance like ‘Sleepwalkers’. Oh and it’s entirely instrumental!


DOS: Sweeeet! We can't wait to get our hands on this one!
Listening to Jochen Miller's set at ASOT500 I realized how similar both your styles are! Whose idea was it to collaborate together for "Rotunda"?


Markus: you know I’m not absolutely sure! Jochen is a great guy and we were just talking one night about music and (as you say) where our musical paths crossed and it just came up.

DOS: We at DOS firmly believe that our destiny is to throw spectacular parties and introduce the Indian crowd to cutting edge EDM. What do you believe is yourDestiny?


Markus: That my wildest Thoughts will become Things if I try hard enough!


DOS: Haha! Great answer :D

Thanks for the wonderful chat Markus. Having personally witnessed you annihilate a dancefloor, i'm sure your fans in India are in for a rollercoaster ride of a lifetime!!


Markus: Thanks guys – that’s always the aim!


DOS: Big Ups to Submerge ( for bringing Markus down to the Indian sub-continent and managing the tour!! Cheers Guys!


Interview by Cademan Lillywhite (cademan [at]